Living in the present

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is mystery,
Today is  a gift, so why it is called ‘present’.
Master Wugui said.
But not all of us knows this western proverb.
We are stuck on what we did, or what we had had,
or on the contrary,
worry about what we will do, or what we will have had.
We choose not to care what we are doing,  or to ingnore what we have had.
We are busy, anxious, upset, fidgety, confused, complaining, aimless, just not happy.
What’s wrong with us?
In fact, if that western proverb  translates into the eastern language, it is close to ‘living in the present'(活在当下).
Yes, to be living in the present. Thousands years ago, the Buddha pointed out  this.
Living in the present doesn’t mean we should totally forsake the past which taught us lesson.
Living in the present doesn’t mean we should not think about the future which should be well planned.
Cherish people by our sides, have things at our hands done. That is it suggests.
Having these done, it will bring our hearts peace.
But what and how to do, it’s up to you, my friends.

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