A long long way

One is always on a strange road , watching  strange scenery , and listening to strange music.
Then one day , you will find that the things which happened on the way is so nice .
On the way of growing up , we all have suffering  a lot .
Our gathering seems to be made by the God .
Sometimes , sit there , by the window .
Think about those days  , that happy times , not that long ago .
Just like yesterday , which can never return  .
Feel grateful for those people , together with me , all the way .
Suffer hardship with me . Now consider it sweet harassment  .
Never give me up even if the world cast me aside .
Never  say those pleasant words to my ears .
While the reality is so cold . In the face of time and space ,
the oath once made firmly seems to be that pale , fragile , and incapable .
Even though something is cruel ,our heart will not freeze up .
And we can also melt the snow , warm heart by heart .
Believe smile  can melt the snow , believe sincere can warm the heart .
When  feel lonely , look at the sky , look at the clouds .
Just smile ,like a child .
For  the ideal that we hold near to our hearts , we’d never regret a thousands times to die .
Though the mountain is high , we can always ascend to its top one day .
Love never be far from us , while we put it in our deep heart .
We all must be good , smile everyday , no one can be left  .


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